Every journey starts with a step. Narang’s academy started its journey 32 years ago. We took our first step towards imparting education with a handful of apprehensive students who today are posted on the professional chairs of society.
Narang’s academy grew by number, strength, and results each year. We proudly proclaim in our 33rd year that no one could make education as interesting as we could.

Our strength and point in the school section are that we don’t discriminate between the ranker and non-ranker as we believe hard work and love for knowledge create a genius. In our college section, the number of problems/sums that we solve inside the classroom provides every child with the arms and ammunition to fight his examination.

Our team is all set to face the present challenge of online teaching and learning in this pandemic, When all other coaching classes are offering video lectures which are available all over the internet, we are working hard to bridge the gap between technology and education by taking online face to face lectures in a virtual classroom interactive environment.

With the changing times, student counseling has taken a center stage which is done as and when required for the overall development of the child. We are the only class in Vasai that finds time for counseling, motivating, and understanding the needs of every student whether weak, average, or a scholar.

Mr.& Ms. Narang are not only Managers but actively participate in teaching and counseling. Students consider them as an extended Academic family. What makes Narang’s special is its small batches and experienced faculty which promises you Quality teaching and learning which has led to 100% Results consistently year after year.

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